Many people suffering from various ailments have come to the mine for treatment. Here are some of their stories:

I was walking out of the mine, and I realized I’m not using my cane.
I’ve been coming here for 22 years now. I am free of pain, and not taking any medication.
I have Hepatitis C and liver failure. Doctors gave me 6 months to live. When we were told about the mine, we decided to try it. And since we’ve been doing it, I have been doing just great. 6 years laters I’m still here!
I had a cyst...and cancer in my bladder. My prostate would likely have to be removed. I came up here, and upon my return... The doctor could not find any sign of a cyst or cancer and my prostate was in wonderful shape.
With my arthritis. The swelling went right down from my joints.
I had to sleep in a “sitting position” and every breath hurt! After 6 visits I can sleep in a normal position and I have no pain. 

— M.L. Vancouver B.C.
Been coming here since 1979 for migraine headaches. I haven’t had a headache since I started coming. It’s a blessing.
Moscow, Id.
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis! I had never known life without pain. After 32 visits in the Merry Widow Mine, I am a totally different person. I would not want to imagine what my life without the mine would be like.
— B.R. Mont.
This is my 17th year of coming to the mine (since 1979), Arthritis stays in remission - I take no medication & live without pain.
— B.K. Wash.
I’ve really gotten the relief for my arthritis and sinus and can’t praise the mine enough.

— P.V. Can.
My doctor was treating me for gout. After 5 days in the mine it is gone!
— F.W.
I have been coming to the mine for 8 years to soak my feet in the water and get my circulation going. No more cold feet!
H.B. Wyo.